Working in the LocalAd community

Local commuinities have so many reserve and unuse resourses that can be tapped for the betterment of the community

many skilled people have extra time and resourses that can be employed for the betterment of the local people

Who retired, under employed, undesirables, in between jobs and many more

How we create groups, add people who want to help, then we provide the tasks

The contractor and the person receiving the service are never in contact. LocalAd, being established in the community, with a physical address acts as the go between.

We combine the power of the online resources with a established community presence to manage multiple projects in many skills and trades

LocalAd provides pickup and delivery with a realtime scheduler on our website

Help us get the underemployed working and establishing steady income of their own

currently we have mechanics, designers, managers, builders, manufactures, fabracators, all skill levels, all ready to work
LocalAd Video website is the resource for LocalAd Community Projects, WebAds, Community Information and Promotions. This Valuable Resource enhances our ability to inform and educate our Local members. From skills development, hobbies, tools, methods and motivation, we are building this web link as a daily go to for Believers



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