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Flying with my dad

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      When I was 8 years old my dad was working at the local airport. He was working as a mechanic but was also working toward getting a pilot’s license. After he completed his training, he needed to fly a lot to get the required hours and experience to become a better pilot. As I look back now the experience was wasted. We would fly 3 or 4 time a week, the same route, out to Okeechobee then to Sebring and back, yes, we would do different trips but that was a good 3-hour log book entry. I would get tired and sleep, never asked about how its fly’s or if I could take control. I guess it was just about spending the day with my dad. Now I am older I don’t have any interest in airplanes or mechanics, I guess it never really got me excited or really interested in flying. One thing for sure I understand the concentration and skill development required for flying, we spent a lot of weeks together, a lot of flying hours. In the end my did never became a commercial pilot, he has always been involved with aviation, I think the flying was just a challenge he had to concur.

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