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      This is an example we are using to build our first plasma cutting table
      we will detail our purchases and prices as we build

      2019 Star-Lab CNC Plasma System/routing capable 16000 us dollars
      X axis 121 (600imp cut and rapid capable) .0004 resolution
      Y axis 61.5 (600ipm cut and rapid capable) .0004 resolution
      Z axis ballscrew, twin linear rail (severe environment covers) 280ipm capable
      Pitch line of gear rack precision indicated to linear rail (no dead spots in travel)
      Auto Square/Auto home switches (Any machine without these is not worth considering!)
      Ohmic sensing
      4×4 steel tubing (fully welded, powder coated OSHA safety blue
      Leveling feet 5/8″ thick steel (3/4-16 tapped hole with bolts for leveling)
      Overload beam (frame capable of holding 10,000lbs)
      Specs water bed/down draft
      Water bed 3″ depth
      U shaped slats (2.25″ spacing, removable capable of much higher slat spacing)
      2″ drain (2″npt cap)
      Specs electronics
      Full 4 motor system (expandable to 5 motors)
      Dual drive gantry
      Ethernet connectivity
      Hand controller
      Auto height voltage control (Latest THC)
      Industrial hardened mini PC (Fanless and solid state)
      Specs software
      Qcad Professional (and Inkscape as an added bonus) fully licensed for life
      Sheetcam DEV fully licensed for life
      PRONEST LT (HYPERTHERM CAD/CAM for offsite programming)
      Specs Advanced THC and software
      Corner lock out
      THC delay settings
      Tool list for amperage for Thermal Dynamics and Hypertherm preset and configurable
      Look ahead
      Preset for voltage (no head scratching) configurable
      Job time query
      Automatic and adjustable inside and outside lead ins and outs (kerf comp)
      Array parts per sheet or scrap size
      Visual travel window over geometry (and dry run capable)
      Full CAD with the ability to convert a jpeg to a .dxf

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      z axis notes from other builds

      The Z axis is purchased with the control package from each company. Both use a
      16mm ballscrew and linear rail. The Bladerunner uses 20mm chrome hardened
      shafting with recirculating ball sleeve bearing where the Spark Robotic uses 20mm
      profile rail with recirculating ball bearing blocks. The torch mount on the Bladerunner is
      rigid or option magnetic breakaway where the Spark Robotic Z axis uses a collision
      detection torch mount with proximity sensors.

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      Tourch height control

      software only THC has advantages and disadvantages. It’s cheap but not as fast and has to share main processor cycles with the OS and CNC control software

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