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Better windows For Florida Homes

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Window tech  (more to come)


PVC   It's about time to call these home depot plastic windows what they are    Crap


While A common window frame and door material, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), does not swell or warp like wood, it presents its own challenges. PVC can be easily misshapen, so metal inserts are sandwiched between the exterior and
interior frames of the window to match wood’s structural stiffness. However, a problem
arises when the seal binding these elements together isn’t maintained — stopping it from keeping the elements out and the heat or cool in.  These inserts create complexity, and complexity can create costs.

Fiberglass window frames do not require structural inserts, as the stiff material is manufactured in a single profile

From a materials performance perspective, Fiberglass offers several benefits over traditional materials.
First, it has inherent
stiffness and strength that obviates the need for adding stiffeners,and this simplifies the manufacturing process. Secondly, Fiberglass is resistant to thermal expansion, corrosion and rot. This means less maintenance over the lifespan of the window or door frame. Thirdly, Fiberglass frames are a great insulator, helping to retain heat or cooling to help save energy. No matter where you use composites, the benefits of the
material will greatly impact the efficiency of windows and doors.In order to improve sustainability, homeowners and construction companies will have to take a number of measures to reduce unnecessary energy loss. Windows and doors may be a necessary feature in any home, but the wasted energy that escapes through
them is anything but needed. To tackle lost energy and improve efficiency, composite materials for windows and doors are an advantageous option


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