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Small bed tacoma kayak rack for lest amount of money

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My mission was to get down to everglades park with 2 kayaks.

The options were pretty expensive, around 400 for a aluminum setup made for the Toyota tie down system. would have ended up around 450 in the end



solution, this rack is advertised as a low system, just over the cab. overall the fit was great, the kayaks made it to the

park and even through the hell hole that is south Florida. Dade and Broward


The beginning of the trip i was concerned about possible sway but the system was solid. 75-80 mph

Removal was quick and easy, racks stored, bed cover reinstalled

final material costs about 170 for the rack and 50 for the carriers. carriers are 99 on amazon but there were alot of discounted ones, Probably because they are designed really cheep, the stove bolts strip out the carrier when you tighten them down, super POS. With the proper hardware and a couple through bolts in the 4 mounts it was solid. I figure this system has at least 10 trips left in it, maybe more, thing is I hate being in a boat that doesn't burn carbon based fuel. My next trip will be towing my boat and it will be Atlantic gulf stream bound.


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