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Fuse #9 95 dodge diesel Ram electrical nightmare

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The fuse #9. I have read about this fuse not being used in forums but my 95 has one. in fact it blows out.

I got to this issue because my diesel stopped running, troubleshooting put me to the engine cut off solenoid. After changing this and it still not working i probed the power to the solenoid. 

The solenoid can be pulled up and secured and the truck still run except you cant stop it. plus this is not safe operating.

The solenoid has 3 wires, ground and 2 power wires.  1 power wire pulls in the plunger and the other one holds it up.

Ignition switch to start and power goes to pull up, return switch to run and the second power wire maintains a lesser voltage to hold up the plunder.


Back to #9.

My first impression was the lead inside the engine compartment had a short. Looking at the back of the interior fuse panel , the wire going to #9 id small guage, green with black stripe. 

#9 big secret. This wire goes to the center of the firewall inside engine compartment and joins 6 other wires, No kidding, The engineeres at dodge hid this connection jumble of shit where you cant see it or reach it.

(note) there is another one of these glue job wire connectors for primary power under the fuses in the engine compartment fuse box. 

Fix:  my wire jumble had a short on 1 wire going to the transmission position location switch. This means it shorted out 6 sub systems

picture of the engineering feat 



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