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UPDATE: 7-11  this wizard went nowhere, the instructions were difficult and appears alot of time investment would be required, I'm looking for created displays with complete system solutions


raspi 4b 1

This is the next step in our development. Getting the components together to design an interface

This requires a raspberry pi 7in touch screen so it was ordered

In the mean time studies on the canbus stack have moved to 


Following this instructional has been the most productive yet. We purchased their Leaf Light hs2 so we could participate in their online training

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After a couple weeks of no can in my brain I have started back on my can learning. I have done some pretty intense reading and a lot of experiments with esp32 and raspberry pi components.  This is where I am at.  One thing I need to express is I hate Google as a company and youtube is part of it. If your able to extract information from that shit show good for you, I don't drink beer and don't eat meat.

On occasion I find relevant information on shittube and will link to it but I will try to recreate the info if i can, yes there are some talented people sometimes but they are on the team. That's not America's team.

Here is where I started and a couple things I have learned. 
ODB and canbus are not the same.  ODB was designed as a way to test emissions systems on a car
Auto manufactures use their own canbus language and they are not compatible, just the required ODB2 stuff. This is why expensive code readers have 25 car models in their database, when you access a cars canbus from the odb2 port the manufactures allow access to the canbus using their software

Looking at the project and some takeaways:
Analog sensors can be converted to canbus right on the sensor
Can bus needs a control unit (ECU), all the can boards I have been testing will be nodes but the bus and they need a ECU to manage them 
This means all the canbus boards you see on amazon might work in your system but there are many other factors to developing a demonstration system. This has been my goal all along and if I can build an electronic management system into my old diesel rig that has data logging that will be a bonus.

It was a happy moment when I had my 2 Arduino boards sending and receiving data but I had not realized the complexity of this protocol and how it has evolved from a basic system to maybe the most usable of all. It's just difficult to grasp because of all the components, and how many industries have adopted it


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Alot of relevant information came from this research, their can I/O extender is a perfect example of getting analog sensors, like temps and pressures connected to the canbus. This is a great start, they offer the display with the extender but it's expensive, on their sales page they list compatable ECU units, this gives an example of existing on the market ones. 
KVASER and PEAK are 2 very informative companies both offering software solutions that I am exploring




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