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Blow your Brains out Part 6 Canbus simulator and a working device

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Of course these blog posts are just ramblings of someone who wants to understand and implement a canbus network

Most of the products are automotive, products like programs designed as interfaces to interact with canbus and their protocols. 

This would be a great way to get some real experience looking at the data and the format and this has been my objective but the implementation of a home designed, using amazon purchased electronic boards is NOT reality. 

For me I need to see it working then disassemble it, not buy alot of boards that have no support or require me to be both an engineer and programmer. Blaw blaw 

So here we go, PEAK-Systems is a leader in this canbus field and their products are the best, and with that they offer alot of usable programs and tools for FREE. But the best part is their products are well known and work!   So lets let china clone one so we can purchase it cheeeeep 

OK so it works and it works with the CanEasy interface program  

Yes dear hard heads this is a solution to see some action finally. 

IMG 0287


Screenshot from 2023 06 03 16 07 12

and the program

I followed the video on setting the program up, without I was lost, but in a short time I had a simulation running



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