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Treadmill issue

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I have a commercial treadmill. It's a nortic track and the upper control panel doesn't work. Is there any way to control the speed so i can continue to use this without having to pay 250 bucks for repair. I just need to set the speed

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crazy parts prices

repair resource used for this issue:

Fixit solution: The speed of a DC treadmill motor can be controlled via a circuit board
Treadmill motors are heavy duty DC motors and have lots of horsepower
Plus, they have a heavy metal flywheel which gives them a nice smooth power band

Your treadmill
The MC-2100 motor controller needs to have an external circuit that creates pulses.
These pulses tell the MC-2100 how fast to drive the treadmill motor
The circuit that does this on a working treadmill is up on the user console
So when the console breaks you need to replace that circuit in order to drive the MC-2100 board.

Note: that other treadmill motor controllers like the MC-60 are self contained
All you need is to solder a speed pot onto a MC-60 board

Here is the fix for pulses:

MC2100 PWM Driver v5



IMG 0892[1]
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There are four wires coming from the MC-2100 board
Two Black ground wires
One Red +12 volt power wire
One Blue signal wire
The other wires on the jumper plug are not used

After the MC-2100 board receives power, the LED comes on solid
This means the board is receiving power
Once I push the momentary switch, it removes power from 555 timer IC1
Then I release the switch and power is restored
Now the MC-2100 board will start up and turn on the Motor
The MC-2100 LED will now blink because it is receiving a pulse from the 555 timer circuit
 Watch my you tube video below to see the circuit in action

Note that you must have a motor load hooked up to the MC-2100 board or it will not operate

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Fail this controller after wiring up did not work.   WORKS!

The hz needs to be 20.   020.   


The unit starts when you push on/off button and the dial changes the speed.  The unit remembers the last setting

last thing is to add a switch for the incline


The MC2100 treadmill motor controller requires a PWM pulse signal in order to operate. In most cases this is part of the control console on the treadmill itself, not very practical if one is trying to re-purpose the motor for another use. I use the adjustable PWM meter to supply the treadmill motor controller with 20Hz pulse signal it requires and use the duty adjustment to regulate the speed. Motor activates when set to about 8% and max speed tops out at 45% (2500rpm). Power is supplied to the frequency meter by 12VDC ( red and black wires)from the MC210 and the PWM is fed to the MC2100 via the blue wire, the black wire with a white stripe is ground.


 Let me make a summary:   I bought this treadmill several years ago and use it. when it broke and I researched the repair cost it was evident the cost to repair was more than it was worth. Yes it is commercial grade and still pretty good condition but 100 to 300 to have parts changed mainly because of poor manufacture was not gonna cut it. My decision was to scrap it and use the 2.5hp motor on another project, but I love this unit, it can handle a 220lb male and is stout.  My learning about the need for a pulse to command the controller was the deal breaker because i dont have the ability to solder parts to a breadboard, THEN  reviewing the sites 1 last time i got the up date that a pulse maker was available and CHEAP    so it might not have all the lights and meters it works. all i wanted it to do.  Cut the hole, cut the harness and wire the little control box.

It is possible, I wired the lift motor direct, it's 120 volt.  I use a laptop for my display 

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