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what is the method and best practice to get video clips on the forumla site?

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Compressed Video Format

What is A Good Compressed Video?

In the simplest terms, a good compressed video can be termed as a video file that is encoded and compressed using a technique where the file size is reduced without losing its original quality. There are a number of video formats that facilitate compression while maintaining the file quality and each of these uses different algorithms for file compression. Selecting the right compression format depends on your file requirements and playback device.

Best-compressed Video Formats

Selecting the right compressed video depends on your requirements as there are a number of these formats available. Some of these formats use techniques and algorithm that results in file compression while maintaining high quality. Know about the top 5 formats that are used commonly for video compression.

1. H.264   (our option)

Also known as MPEG-4 Part 10, Advanced Video Coding ( MPEG-4 AVC) H.264 is one of the best video compression formats as it is capable of offering high-quality files at lower bit rates. This is a versatile format that is compatible with a number of players and devices. Moreover, the format is also suitable for Blu-ray disc playback as it offers high quality at high bitrate files. Flexibility is another reason that makes this format popular and widely in use.

2. DivX   (Never used)

Developed by DivX, LLC this is another format that is known for its compression capabilities. The format can shrink your video files into small size while maintaining high quality. This is an editable video format that is mainly used in a number of commercial settings. The format majorly uses 3 codecs.

3. MP4    (our compressor says mp4 using h.264)

MP4 is termed as a universal format as it is compatible with the majority of the players and devices available. This multimedia container format is capable of compressing videos into smaller file size while keeping decent quality. Almost all versions of MPEG-4 and H.264 are compatible with the format. Majority of the online streaming sites use MP4 as their format.

4. AVI

Standing for Audio Video Interleaved, AVI is a multimedia container format that offers high quality compressed files. The format is capable of streaming multiple audio and video files. Wide range of codecs is supported by the format thus facilitating an array of file settings as desired. Though the format is not very popular for video streaming or downloading, it can be a good choice for video storage on your PC.

5. WMV

WMV stands for Windows Media Video and this format developed by Microsoft is a part of the Windows Media Framework. If you are looking for file compression to send your large files over email and other sources that have a limitation to the file size WMV is an ideal format. Loss in quality is one of the drawbacks using this compression format.

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Here are the results from HEVC 



the first video is 8 megs and the second is 1.6.

I rendered the second at 352x288  

The quality on the first is very clean and full screen very detailed. But there is a delay

on playback. Our decision would be to go to the lower res for illustration of the idea but not any detail


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