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conversion to MYPlasma CNC  


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20/11/2020 8:42 pm


Purchasing a commercial cnc table is an option that is available for many smaller shops. This is or can be an exceptional value but there needs due diligence on the buyers end. 

The costs of a commercial plasma table runs in the 25k range, I have seen and read about many people that have bought tables in this range and are completely discouraged with their purchases. Right now on my local classifieds site there is a guy that has receipts of 30k for a junk table with all the options. 

This is just an example and not the point of this topic.

My table is a 2013 Technocnc Plasma.  I've seen these online before, they are like an industry training system. but very high quality and great instructions on setting up the table and squaring it ,

I ran into trouble with the electronics and with them being older it appeared an upgrade was inorder.

So I am into this big 5x10 table the purchase price, no plasma machine and no controls

I was able to get the original electronics working so i was able to test motors, clean and lubricate and adjust, my main issue and the reason I abandoned the technocnc operating system was it's age and issues with the company that manufactured the table, business issues not quality as a matter of fact this table is a great build from Germany  

The build:  DC Brushed Servos  only 3 axis motors, X,Y.Z    The table Y axis is underneath and down the middle.    (for you stepper guys, setting up duel drives on y axis will give you a brain tumor with servos)

My main concern was Torch Height control and the costs of it.  it appeared most THC add on systems were 350 to 700 bucks. Exploring the Proma Compact THC 150 setup lead me to the complete control system they have called MYPlasma CNC.>

Bear in mind I am a beginner to plasma tables, the programs and the operation.

The best option I found was with UCCNC but I was concerned with putting to much dollars into a very large piece of scrap metal.  Our Fix-It company objective is to restore tools to their operating specification  condition at big savings, so this applied  (hind sight I should have went the uccnc setup BUT:)

Here is the primary issue.  DC Servos normally have -10/+10 input to move them. I tried using Kflop / Kanalog ($500) on dc servos in the past and was not successful, so I figured I would have to use stepper motors but this was not the case

Here is what I found and what I have right now.   There are drivers for dc servos











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This is what I shoud have bought for 90 bucks instead I bought leadshine 810 model. 

so far I have been ok and have made some real progress with the table so I dont want to say leadshine sucks it's just they are commies and we are trying to promote American made or at least not CCP.

To finish my explanation of the driver setup these drivers convert the step-dir inputs and outputs the high voltage for the dc servos. They run around 60 volts from what i can tell.  The technocnc table is smooth and fast, thats my observation with this setup.

I wound up with myplasma because the 450 dollar controller had touch senser and height control.

The information on the controller leads you to believe that exact tolerances is not attainable, this being the other reason I would have went with UCCNC, 

But all this is for verifying the machine and learning how to master a plasma cutting system





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20/11/2020 9:16 pm  

Cutting today!

as was stated when i considered the myplasma controller is exact diamentions should not be attempted.

The program is designed to cut images and not actual gcode. My objective is primarly about learning the machine and plasma cutting, but today i was attempting a close tolerance part and was pretty successful.  3in x 4 in aluminum turned out pretty close, actually close enough for the parts I was making.

the high temp 3d printer being assembled , metal plates for the transmission.


setting the controller requires selecting the microstepping and then move per revolution


I have used autosetup in mach3 but this program doesnt offer this option,  Trial and error was how i got a requested 4in move to do a 4 in move. 

my results are good, setting for the THC and cutting still work in progress but overall I am in business and cutting parts



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20/11/2020 9:34 pm  

Looks like torch is to high

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20/11/2020 9:53 pm  

3.543  requested

3.525 final cut



18 off    not to bad




 3.543    Winner!


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