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anti china mission. Can we build it?

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here is a common opinion:

I make every possible effort to buy American products. It’s a tough leap to go from a well-made six-blade Yuneec system (Chinese) for $4200 to a six-blade Vision Aerial Vector System for $17,000 plus another $2000 for a camera gimbal. I can swallow and pay 100% more but not 400% more. And that’s the problem. Drones are either well-made toys like a DJI or they are enormously high-end systems. Nothing is in the middle. I can’t stomach the thought of buying a DJI anything. Our own American dollars have made China a powerful communist tyrant and a increasingly formidable military foe – and it has all been done willingly out of our own stupidity and ignorance as a nation. Try to buy any hardware commodity not made in China. It’s tough. America invented video, cameras, recorders and monitors. Today, you cannot buy an American made consumer camera, recorder or monitor. Same with hammers, drills and ball caps with bills. Shameful.

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