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Settling for mint linux

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After about a year of working with and developing using the linux platform the decision is Mint Linux. 

So far we have tried Ubuntu, vanilla, and MX. 

Talk about confusion and complete misinformation and hipe.  

The development talent wasted on building an operating system thats supposed to be better or safer and in the end they are all unorganized and do things completely different. You can waste days or even weeks to understand the methods to complete tasks when all you really want to do in install programs and work. 

For me I just want to Fuck Microsoft off my network, no I am not able to do this, I still have equipment that relys on the bullshit microshit company for running and I'm just not smart enough or have enough time to eliminate Saten's os warriors. 

Inroads have been made on the CNC front and most machine control can be run from linux and that's a positive development.

Our development with embedded devices is all done with linux and its our objective to do our instructional content on Mint linux 

So that's the call for now 

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