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Backup unit #2 (fake Honda)

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This is my second backup unit, It's bigger, has 220 plug. I have this for the long duration power outage.

The deception is pretty clear, use a Honda engine and make it sound like a Honda built generator. Of course it's no match


but then again it cost 1/3 less. 

This thing was selling for 1000 when i picked it up, it was new broken. 400 bucks. Previous owner fell victim to ethanol fuel, yes water in the gas.

the unit never came out this year or last so i figured i would do an annual inspection. I had to remove and disassemble the carb, the main jet was blocked, i don't know how, no way i didn't winterize it. (stupid move) 

The purpose of this action is that when needed the units come out and startup and perform. You will appreciate  this when this happens because your not gonna get amazon delivery when the neighborhood is destroyed.

The fuel lines were still good but will be on the parts list because it will probably be another year until this comes back out, the air filter was reduced to mush.

If i would have been able to start this up it would have sucked in the air filter into the engine.

I ran a gallon af fuel , about an hour through it, ran some power tools and drained the fuel system 100%
replacement air filter and fuel lines on order

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Check back this unit is going to get an LP conversion kit applied 

IMG 0884

this image is the fuel shutoff valve removed from the tank. this was the only way i could dry out the tank. the seal grommet


needs replaced, will post the # when i figure it out

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