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Fiberglass Boat Repair

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Sometimes you just can't buy a new item and have to fix what you have.
This is a perfect example, my boat. Yes a larger boat would be nice but i live
on Mosquito Lagoon. I have a backwater boat but it is good for 2 people, so
Whaler outrage 18 was my day cruiser of choice. I like this hull design because it does great in the ocean also. Lots of history about the hull design and the designer and the fact that The Boston Whaler company relocated to Edgewater Florida was pretty cool.
This is how i developed my respect for the hull, you remember the picture of the hull cut in half and the boat still floating,

Great Marketing there, but the reality is it's a safe hull.

Here is the repair, it starts with damage from normal use, the deep V getting abused every time I run aground.

My concern was water absorbed foam. I waited a couple days but when I filled the crack and
applied some heat lamps to dry the filler water still seeped through

Next step is to explore the inside.

I removed a section to explore the inside. The foam is wet but not heavy like water logged.
The objective is to plug the drain that was there and make this dry storage. With this acces I will be able to have access to fiberglass inside and outside

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here is the progress.

I was not able to dry out the foam above the repair. I removed another section of the cap insert and cleared out more foam   at this point I used halogen lights to dry out the area and prepped for repair

the repair consisted of mat from amazon  (weave of mat and woven)  and a pint of fiverglass from walmart.

the important issue here and with fiberglass materials is to use what you have, there is no shelf life for polyester resin if your looking for quality repairs.

Down the middle inside I filled with strand filled bondo  ,  all dried hard

the outside so far is 1 layer of the mat with additional strips at the heavy wear spots



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