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Cleaning and doing inspections Check your trunk!

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So I'm checking the spare tire on a toyota corolla to verify the tools and tire are present so this owner doesn't get stuck if she gets a flat. What I found was water in the trunk. I had to remove the tire and tools and dry it out but the question is how did the water get there. Yes it has been raining, but water will rust out the bottom trunk and it also can cause mold or smell, Dried it out, did come rust prevention and put it back together. Here are my thoughts.

1  Inspect the trunk seal


 The trunk has 1 large seal normally. This requires maintenance, at least cleaning. Normally what people find when they inspect the seal is a dirty sludge in the tray ajesent to the seal. This is a water drain system and needs to be kept clean. Yes, when you wash your car you need to open the doors and trunk and wash the tray and seal or this becomes a rust out. This car belongs to a person who has taken good care and keep the car clean, 230k miles and running tops, And now i caught this water issue the trunk compartment wont get rusted through.

Summary:  The seal was intact, no damage and good quality. How did the water get in there, maybe a window down or trunk not closed in a rain. We in south florida get daily thunder storms so it might just be that, Of course i will check it again in a couple rainy days.

Check Your Trunk!


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