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Dump commercial email. gmail-yahoo-outlook

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This rant is about email and email privacy but the first thing you need to do is

STOP using google search engine. will give the same results without tracking your experience


Commercial email is Free, well not exactly. 
Gmail is secure.    Fat Chance
yahoo email is private.     yeah sure

The truth about these commercial email services is they read your email. If your household is using google or apple voice then this is not your concern because your wired for sound 24-7. 

This is about finding ways to keep your interactions private, when your online doing purchase research or medical research and all of the sudden your bombarded with ads about the topics. someone is watching you and it's Google.

yahoo was my email servce for over 20 years, I had a simple and easy address, basically because i opened the account in the beginning of yahoo mail. This past month I deleted it. Amazing how it had emails over 10 years old. I finally decided this information in the hands of a private company, run by leftist communist was not a good idea. Yeah I know here comes the boogie man. I realize the spooks record all activity on the internet but I dont want a private company like google sniffing around my so called private interactions with developers and designers of products and services we are working on. 

Email has several components so we will cover them by their use

The email client:   How you open-create and view your emails


  1. Thunderbird
  2. Spike
  3. Slack
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Yes I and my company have finally completed this task. We are 100% google free, no api's not a single connection to the massive corrupt anti god, world order, corporate shit company.  


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