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This Topic is about the development process of the website, it's design, and how we arrived where we are. I say we , this is about one man and a desire to inform and educate, it's about gathering the information I use daily. Hobbies, fabrication, fixing, staying healthy, Believing in the power of God and living a good life. 

The design has always been about the domain. Registering a domain that was available, something catchy, and then building on it.  Phpbazar was the first, running a classifieds website was my original obsession.

Having to learn hosting, using apache webserver and learning the complex backend. 

Fast forward to today and there is cheep hosting with security, control panel for managing the backend, and wordpress.


1. Find a hosting company
2  Find a Theme for your objective
3 Spend some time writing your copy and gathering information
4 Hire a freelancer to help put it together

What happened to me was I hired a company. They asked me what I wanted and they did it. All custom coding.
I would say I wanted a forum, did research, found a free open source (vanalla) forum and they customized it.

At the end I was left with a couple grand spent and a website that was custom coded, so this company was my only option when i wanted changes or needed updates.  Big mistake

1 year later I just pulled the plug and deleted the complete site.  

This is an important lesson:  You know how there are always different methods to get a desired result. You could use a hammer to bend a pipe or you could get a pipe bender and do a beautiful job. Both results are the same, a bent pipe. Same with web programming. There are so many different methods to get a result, which one do you pick. 

I mean hundreds, frame works, scripts, bla bla bla.   gives me a headache 

When I experienced wordpress i was really happy with the results. I paid a freelancer (india) 100 bucks for a realestate website. The end product was done in three days and looked awesome. Couple days later I started to realize the website was a premade theme, a great one, but unregistered. That was 75 dollars, but there was no mention of this, then getting into the site i realized they used random sentences and all the contact information was missing.  All i got was someone installing a prebuilt theme, changed the logo to my company and added some menu items. 

What I learned was Buying a Theme was a great start and I didn't need to pay someone to install it for 100 bucks is a grouping of some great themes, and adding some great plugins to manage it.

Yes it takes daily management, but it's also a way to promote what your doing without being involved with the Leftwing 

facebook, twitter, google assholes. 


WE ARE A CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE COMMUNITY.   I can say that without retribution from the masters because as Limbaugh always says, if they didn't create you they cant tare you down.










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LocalAd is about building a location on the internet to serve our conservative members. Assembling different high quality themes, these being the highest rated in their specific fields. 

Using a preprogrammed theme is an excellent way to get a website up and running, with a professional look and performance for major savings. Thousands of Designs 

Classifieds has been the objective from the beginning, allowing us a platform to sell our items and also a secure location for our site community to sell and advertise. 
  If this is a consideration we will offer our experience. classifieds is built of Adifier Theme. This was not the first choice and we purchased several of the other options landing with Adifier for several reasons.  We will be developing this theme using the Kingcomposer framework it is developed with. 

Designed from different Themes has assembled people specialized in several programming languages and frameworks. This we will cover as we go along.  Linking to video channels for instruction on the video page and covering topics here in this forum. Yes it's difficult to understand for a novice but once you decide on a platform and get to work it becomes clearer. 

Getting involved with website development can be accomplished very affordable if you want to invest the time. 
Breaking it down simply

1. theme.  69.00. (1 time cost)
2  hosting    20.00 (approx) per month. this varies and alot of options to start, even at 5 dollars a month
3 custom design and programming. 100-200.   depends on options. this is a growing program, as you
    learn your admin and start to get more traffic it gets fun and exciting to build 

The startup costs under 500 is a great start point. Figuring out if you want to do the admin, having a       tech guy to call etc. These have costs but very manageable.  Not like having an attorney on retainer, more like maintaining a dog.  Feed it right, keep it tuned up, love it and all will be fine




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