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Are you kidding me, coffee creamer now. Unhealthy ingredients including trans fat in coffee whitener  


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27/09/2020 3:38 pm  

Are you kidding me, coffee creamer now.  Yes my friends it's time for a change.  I am a health nut but I was surprised when a blood test said i had high cholesterol. I have been meat free for over 25 years, how could this happen?

Marketing is designed to make you do something, and the results of a good marketing program is evident in the fact the american diet is filled with shit, total empty calories and even chemicals that are dangerous. 

When you realize that marketing is killing you, you might put down the Pepsi and bag of chips. Look at the people in walmart, what they have in their basket. Look at their physical condition. Speaks for it's self

Morning cup of Joe

couple cups of coffee, couple scoops of powder creamer  

This is an exampe of my daily routine, something I realized was doing me harm but actually protected by FDA rules. 

These products are allowed by the FDA to claim that they are trans fat-free if they contain less than a half gram of trans fat per serving. The manufacture develops the product so they can lie to you directly to your face.

The fact is that these products are definitely unhealthy for you. 
It is just a marketing trick, a deception.  Any trans fat is unhealthy in your diet, regardless of what the FDA says. Also people don’t consume only one serving,  And when you consider that these same people sometimes have many cups of coffee a day, it quickly adds up.


My solution.  I don't know yet. Go back to my Navy days and drink it black?   To be continued

Joined: 6 months ago
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17/10/2020 4:37 pm  

been a couple weeks. i settled on Half and Half and black sometimes. I will get a blood test done in a couple months to see if there is any difference in my cholesterol . I was totally caught off guard about non dairy creamer


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