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MY cnc router build status and current developments

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Here is the disclamor:    I want to help if I can. I don't have any affiliation with anyone and I am a Trump Supporter:

That being said if your building, thinking of building, or in production we welcome you to our community. My zone, Daytona,NSB,Deland     Learning CNC for home shop is my mission

10 years ago I decided that cnc controlled machines were an industry I needed to be involved in, Like most of the things I do it is never an easy endeavour. I just cant buy a ready made machine, it has to be a understanding of the components and the processes involved.   Mechmate was a blueprint available for a build   This is my journey


First Note: I do not like products made in China. There have been some great advancements in china production quality but that has been at the cost of american companies selling out america and doing china business. This build is american components except the spindle. (POS) and controller (Europe)

First I will identify the components. 

win10 (unfortunately) 

notes: This build does not have encoders, the drivers dont have encoders, and the control board doesn't have incoder inputs. This is important today because the encoder setup is better and alot more available for alot less bucks.

first cut

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mechmate  was the only option i had 10 years ago when i started my build. Sense then there are at least 100 The design and systems used on this build are pretty basic.

cut steel frame, create the rails from angle, purchase some rollers, rack and pinion, and some laser cut steel for the carrage.

I would not recommend this as a build but i think the plans are still available (

Time will tell, if i decide to use this as a production machine i will change out the rails system which I have already purchased. This is just the next phase of the learning process for me, actually cutting something i created from my computer. (aspire tutorial) 

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This is the electrical stuff. You need a computer with a Ethernet card and unfortunately win10 
   try to find win10 on ebay   I am trying to switch my production machines to linux but it's super intense

Breakdown        you create a design using a cad program like v-carve and save it using a conversion post processor for the uccnc.
your computer connects to the breakout board running uccnc.  it reads the file and displays the image to be cut and the gcode it will follow.

turn on the machine, say a prayer, and select run



Anaheim Automation 34Y006S-LW8 Single Shaft NEMA 34 Stepper Motor
     purchsed of amazon for 37.71. they list on their factory site for 150 so look for a deal

   this is the same driver i purchased 8 years ago. American Made, bullet proof, good value

Breakout board  AXBB-E ethernet motion controller and breakout board combined controller
program  uccnc machine control   (not american made but not china junk)

   Pretty Messy, Big torroidal transformer, small 24volt power for the controller, another brick power cause i have a touch screen on the box cover

AXBB pic sm

Rember this is a basic stepper setup.  the motors dont know where they are, just get step instructions.

The motor setup is 2 motors running the main gantry on the y axis. The software setup easily to lock them together.

When I first setup this table i purchased servo motors with encoders and used dynomotion kflop controller. after about a month I was enlightened that running duel servos trying to master/slave them was basically impossible. I have a large machine with servos and the y axis has a center pinion shaft that moves the y axis 1 motor


I am just starting working with this in a production environment, yes i am running into issues but i hope this machine will come online and be dependable

I am following a couple channels online for lessons, there are a couple good ones 

This is a local resource, that means our community   is working locally to provide solutions for beginners and craftsmen alike to get started in machine control.

3d printing, cnc metal cutting, custom cutting
my fuure

This is interesting

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