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feeder popping

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what is the issue when the filament extruder pops. The filament doesn't advance fast enough and the unit pops

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I manually adjusted the table so the filament had no restrictions and the feeder still popped.

1. removed the head and disassembled, cut the tube end off a few inches

cleaned the path and changed the head.

After doing a bed level all is well



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Round 2:  Ding Ding

After changing the Teflon tube and getting a few more prints I began having this problem again. 

Here is what fixed the issue third time. 

The FAN!    yes the fan on the hot end upper body was dirty and weak. After replacing the fan I was able to complete some pretty long prints with great quality

So after learning all the tricks on the hot end without having to buy any new upgrades or mods I am back to printing

The hot end is simplistic, once you determine your design, troubleshooting should be rather simple. 

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