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Bed Level codes using proximity sensor & uptanium setup instructions

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Issue the M502 command. This will load default settings to clean everything up.

Issue the M851 Z0 command. This sets the Z offset to Zero. We will set this later.

Issue the M500 command. This saves the new information to memory.

Issue the G28 command. This will Home the machine. Once this command is entered,
the printer will home and then begin lowering the print head until the sensor is
TRIGGERED. Once the machine finds the distance at which the sensor is triggered, the
printer head stops and the sensor light is on.

. Find the new (negative) -Z offset. (Once printer is up to operating temperature)

Issue the M851 Z-X.XX command.

Issue the M500 command. This will save the new –Z offset to the printer’s memory. This
setting will keep the new –Z offset in the printer’s memory through reboots.

Issue the G29. This command will activate the bed leveling sequence for the first time.
BEHOLD! Your 3D printer will now begin learning where the bed is and begin to record
any variations in bed height.


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