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Yes it can be beautiful, especially if you are lucky and have a pleasant drive. That’s the beauty. The Florida keys and the islands that connect the roadway are very scenic and if your a water lover you will get your fill. Our resent trip to Key West was about trying to bring back memories of the 80’s living in Boca Chica. Well to our disappointment the island flavor was gone, now just a cruse ship port with masses crowding all at the same time. The water front and the ocean at the pier were worth the trip, so beautiful and clean, made us wish we brought our boat. This was a trip to determine our motivation to live back in Key West, That being dashed we found our new treasure. Marathon, being a pilot I intend to visit the keys again soon, not The over commercialized Key West but our new island treasure. Driving is a great trip but flying is a whole other experience, more to come…


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