• What is Parasitic Drain?
    Parasitic drain on your battery is essentially when your car’s electrical system continues to pull energy from the battery, even when the vehicle is entirely turned off. This is not the situation that occurs when you leave your headlights on or don’t entirely close the door, and the light stays on all night. Instead, thi…Read More

  • Not all 18650 batteries are the same with regard to their voltage. The only things that are common with 18650 batteries are the dimensions – 18mm x 65mm and the fact that they are lithium-ion. Most 18650 batteries have voltages ranging from 2.5V to 4.2V. Different 18650 batteries are built with different intentions in mind. It would be best if…Read More

  • Looking to purchase new tools put us looking for a band-saw. New metal cutting 14in are between 600 and 1000 for new light industrial. Sometimes there is one on the local classifieds but you have to look everyday. Today I ran across a 10in Delta wood for 40 bucks so I picked it up just cause it was a buy. My intention would be to convert it to…Read More

  • An 18650 battery is a type of lithium-ion rechargeable battery commonly used in various electronic devices, including laptops, flashlights, and electric vehicles. These batteries are named after their dimensions: 18mm in diameter and 65mm in length (18mm x 65mm), with a cylindrical shape. Here is a general overview of how an 18650 battery is…Read More

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