Ensure that dedicated hubs can connect to the appropriate peripheral devices for homes depending on the assistant and ecosystem in which they are currently integrated. Who will you develop with?
    Zigbee, Thread, and Z-Wave are standards but we are developing on MATTER. There are a lot of questions and more learning but deciding on the…Read More

  • Because I love Tek and have been wanting to work with the programmable led strips I finally purchased some. Not just any, they had to have the right colors and be individual accessible leds. Man I got a good deal. like 5 bucks. OK so downloading an app to my phone didn’t make me happy but I sucked it up but then the Communist China assholes wanted…Read More

  • 2019 Honda Civic SI with 25000 miles and the A/C blows warm. What gives. Turns out honda bought some China Parts that didn’t meet spec so they have a service bulliten. Ok so the Daytona Honda dealer has it covered, 650 dollars to charge the system and 170 dollars to diagnose the problem. Let me diagnose the problem, Honda dealerships are Ripoff…Read More

  • Sometimes reposting others is necessary! Necessary to save America at this point!
    Dr. Simon Goddek
    @goddeketal (twitter)
    Yesterday, I shared a post expressing my concerns about the Great Reset that is in full swing, but I have some good news – it’s not over yet! In order to be fully implemented, the Great Reset requires a high level of…Read More

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