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  • Going Vegan. As the site admin sometime I expose personal components of my life. It’s obvious I am a Trump supported and Conservative in life and my political beliefs, This is about my health and a healthy decision i made 2 years ago to become a complete vegan. I had forgone the meat except for chicken and fish for over 30 years and decided what…Read More

  • I got a new gun for my birthday. I want to thank Rush Limbaugh for helping my woman see the light.
    well she has always had conservative values, just now she knows how to express them. Gonna go to the range next week, will take the AR just for the effect.

  • The most common error people encounter these days is old information. searching the internet produces results from as far back as 2010 on items you would think are new technology. I started my first cnc table build in 2009 and information on this is still represented as current. Stepper motors, drivers, and the software are dates yearly, it’s so…Read More

  • I love reading the shared knowledge as you find things out. I learn something everyday, most days I feel like I have no business giving advice as most of you have a much better understanding of some of these things. When I find something that works I share it and am careful to never say this is the best way unless I truly feel it is so.

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