Batteries are a big part of my learning sessions. I try to inform about the technology, the dangers of LiPo and how to get the best performance from your battery tools and systems that use batteries. This is not a learn once and move on technoligies, the pace of development in batteries is even faster than computer chips.

Step one was getting a battery resistance tester labled peacefair. It didn’t do condition tests, it measured resistance in the battery, The unit stopped working on the 3rd battery (china)

Step 2 is where we are. This is the DL24 condition tester. There is some real awesome forums that cover this product, even with it having several manufactures the forums are very detailed. This unit is the 180watt unit.

Here Goes:

The 18650 Cell belongs to the Lithium Ion type chemistry and hence very high care has to be taken while using it. This includes while both charging and discharging the batteries. While discharging the battery, care should be taken that we never consume more current the C rating and also the battery should never be discharged below 3.0V. Normally a circuit will be employed to monitor the discharge current and under voltage value to cut off the battery from the load if anything goes wrong. Also care should be taken that the battery never experiences a short circuit or reverse polarity. 

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