Operating a drone beyond line of sight requires some really good radio transmission or cellular connection. Yes plugging a sim card into a flight computer and transmitting the flight commands via the cellular tower network does happen.

When we learned the potential of this and during some real trying times configuring the drone to cell to pc connection we went looking for other examples of using the cell towers as the medium for transmission and we found something really different.

This is the real deal when it relates to starting with a great design and following up with some enthusiastic support and promoting a development community. We were able to get the modem account setup and transmitting in our first session. We have followed one blog post incorperating the SWAN, a feather compatable MCU with the STM32L4.

And in line with our build it completely strategy, Blue offers fully documented reference applications for assembling Notecard- and Notehub-powered solutions. Each accelerator provides a complete walkthrough, includes a full list of the hardware you need, and is free to copy, fork, and build upon

Localad will be publishing our builds with this kit soon on our TEK page.

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