It’s easy to get confused trying to understand basic principles to develop simple computer applications because of time. That is what is the actual date of the development your trying to build. The one thing that is important to understand is the pace of microcomputer production and coding is extreme. One year is almost to long, if you are researching the web yo encounter builds and projects that are several years old. The capability of small computers like the raspberry pi have been available for several years and websites that do instructional builds have also, but if you find yourself trying to build on older posts and older components your waisting your time and can frustrate the learning process. How, because the development software and programming language changes, the lessons and board manufactures are designing custom program that make understanding eaiser, if you try to build a component based on years old programming and hardware your making it to hard and will fail.

Start with a finished project that will run

Don’t try to invent the complete system in the beginning, copy what is already designed and build a foundation of understanding before you venture out into the unknown, this is a complex combination of components and because they are code specific they have to be exact or it will fail. If you start with a proven finished build your success is guaranteed and learning will happen

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