CCP That’s Chinese Communist Party, For the communist loving Americans we understand your exiting our forums and educational programs at this point and wish you well. For the people that want to learn and understand modern technical topics and consider themselves Patriots we welcome you.
It’s important to understand that China manipulates their currency, uses slave labor and deceitful business practices to gain advantage in markets.

As an example the US is dominated by CHINA drones as a result of these practices. In the beginning it’s hard to compete but as time goes on markets correct themselves. As for small electronic components a lot of manufactures are moving to other locations and ramping up production. And for a separate point that relates to our OTC philosophy is quality. Our experience with open purchases from China manufactures results in inferior products, fakes, and used sold as new.

We can’t completely stop our goods purchases from china but we can try. We are willing to pay increased component prices for OTC and even explore in house manufacturing.

A Big part of Our Community Forums is to instruct and educate to stimulate entrepreneurship in the US.

A major component of learing TEK is good instructions, good teaching methods, and sound communications. Having reliable components is important but if you can’t master the concepts and understand the technology you just stuck with electronic junk. Like the knockoff components sold on Amazon. Yes there’s some good information in the comments but they never get the project to completion. I run into this alot with arduino, you find a project and find out its 2 years or older and you can’t get the Arduino IDE to function. Happens at least 50 percent of the time or MORE!

Made in America

This is a tough standard to meet. Fortunately we are Made in Our Shops so we can use that lable.

a product meets the requirements for the label if “all or virtually all” of its parts are made in the United States.

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