Printing multiple parts as one

The mission of building a light strong 3d printed drone presented some challenges. Our build is doing well but refinments are always part of a continued development process. One of the areas i have wanted to improve is the blade guard assembly. Currently it is 6 parts glued together then secured to the body and struts. If I could get a larger printing bed this could be a game changer.

So the research was done, the creality corp made a 500 by 500 so we looked at their build, read about the dificancies and incorperated the update into our build.

Using rails and blocks instead of rollers and V channel. I left the z axis with the default roller system, I figured having duel Z axis motors would keep things precise, only time will tell and also the duet wifi has to be configured properly and work right. There is an independent channel bed level ability but I failed in a previous attempt to get it to function correctly

When the electronics were connected and power applied of course the duel z channel was not configured correctly so I disabled 1 motor for testing and tuning. At this point I realized the Z tower was out of place by 2.60. Rather than try to reconfigure everting My best choice would be to just move the 2 Z poles. Bad mistake but this is a learning process and I’m building without plans as usual just wing’en it.

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