This is putting together the concept of a motor vibration sensor and data logger. The need comes from wanting to get vibration reading from the outboard locations of a flying drone. The idea is to have a unit that can attach to the drone strut close to the motor propeller combination.

There are a few commercial units, issues like to heavy, or to big pose problems plus with most there are propritary softwre apps that have to be purchased, by the time your done setting up several hundreds are spent.

If we can determine the right sensor, use a arduino nano and a data logger this might work.

a look at some alternate sensors other than an accelerometer here

The research resulted in a slim unit using affordable components and minor soldering

I found 2 examples of builds, the first one we will call vib1 and the second vib2

vib1 uses a nice produced datalogger board that attaches to the nano, looked promising but so far the IDE will not compile the sketch

vib2 we are using this build instruction

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