I enjoy working with 3d printing but having accumulated several I figured it was time to setup an exhaust system for the plastic fumes. If you read about this topic you could reach the conclusion as I have it’s best to exhaust the air from the chamber. So I needed to build a chamber, first to determine some requirements.

  1. Cheep
  2. removable hood (low weight)
  3. inexpensive (oh yeah said that)
  4. simple

    This is the beginning. It starts with a 21 dollar sheet of 5mm birch wood. Why 5mm and not 1/4 in because Home depot figured out a way to save a couple pennies and probably wanted to put a finger in the eye of American craftsmen that believe in the Imperial system
    some scrap 2×4 boards

    This is where it gets tricky, you need to rip the 4×8 down, maybe your local hardware store can do this if you dont have a table saw. (why not? )

The online sale all run around 80 to 100 for some form of cover, blanket, grow tent. This is a single solution that can be replacated quickly, I will put together some 3d printed parts for supports but you get the picture.
add some light, fans etc. Measurement to follow so a cut sheet can be designed. The hood is removable and light, might put some hindges on it to flip it up

The proceedure would be to print, let the part sit for a couple minutes to evacuate the chamber then open, remove and start over.
As far as a heated chamber that was not the point for this mission, keeping the fumes out of the work area was. I will monitor the temp and maybe add a solution

will include .stl for this and other brackets next

Materials     Top cover

   (1) 4×8 sheet 5mm burch

          Cut    length 24 wide    (half)
                cut ½ sheet into 4 24in panels            qty 4   24x 24

           Cut 2nd half sheet into 24 x 24  then cut 2 of those down to 19.5


This half will be cut into pieces 27in long and 25.5 in long

27 x 21      cut the sheet 27 x24 then cut the 24 to 21

25 1/2  x 19 1/5   same cut the length to 25.5 then reduce the 24 to 19.5

24×43 leftover


(2)  2×2 verticals for the back
(1) 2×2 cross support & chamber separator

1×1 throughout for framing
top cuts side lower supports & guide 26in (2)
the rest just piece in as you go

This is a rough out build to get the fit and concepts identified. The next will incorporate 3d printed braces and angles
The total cost should be less than 40 and even less if you get creative

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