In daily life, many families and individuals own cars. While using cars, it is inevitable that the cars will run out of electricity and cannot be started. Especially in the epidemic environment of the past two years, roads are often blocked, which has caused us to grow long. Time not to use the car

Therefore, for some vehicles parked for a long time and the battery is not disconnected in time, the battery power may be insufficient. Next, Grepow will teach you a temporary solution for the car to start without electricity.

First of all, we have to judge whether the engine cannot be started because the battery is out of power. Nowadays, most new cars have battery power sensors, which can be observed more intuitively. For the old model, you can adjust the headlights to the on position and turn on the far-off lights, and then observe from the outside of the car whether the vehicle headlights and high-beam lights “bounce” as if the battery is insufficient; or press directly in the car Horn, judge whether the sound of the horn is as loud as normal.

When we have ruled out the lack of fuel, abnormal gears, and anti-theft of the engine, it is true that the vehicle cannot be started due to insufficient battery power, and then “self-help” can be implemented.

According to traditional fuel vehicles (including hybrid models), there are two types of manual transmission and automatic transmission. Both models have their own ways of “self-help”.

car test

1. How to do if manual gear cars not start?

For manual transmission vehicles, the way of self-rescue is the same as automatic transmission. However, in view of the reason that manual transmission has a foot on the clutch. We can also try to save ourselves in this way.

Push the vehicle to a road that can walk about 50 meters in front, then put the key in the power switch position, open the main driving door and push the vehicle hard, and push it to a certain speed (about 5-10 kilometers per hour), and sit on the main road. After driving the door closed, put in the first gear, release the clutch to semi-linkage, and at the same time turn the key to the ignition, usually, the vehicle engine will start by itself. If the engine is not started, you can slightly depress the accelerator with your right foot (to open the throttle). After the vehicle starts normally, it needs to travel a distance of 10-15 kilometers to ensure that the generator can supply the battery.

2. How to do if the automatic transmission model cannot start?

First of all, we need to prepare the tools used to connect the electricity-the electric wires and normal cars; or the emergency jump starter for the car. After opening the engine cover according to the procedure, we found the positive and negative positions of the battery and then turned off all the electrical equipment on the car, keeping the key in the off position. There are usually two wires for the connection. Take out the red one first, open the battery cover, and pinch the clamp on the front to securely clamp the positive electrode of the battery without electricity, and the clamp on the other end to clamp the positive electrode of the rescue vehicle battery with electricity. Or car power bank. Be sure to connect the positive pole first, and then the negative pole. Do not reverse the order, and do not use the battery clip to touch any place except the battery pile head.

jump start a car

Warm reminder
1. Ensure that the rescue vehicle is in the starting state.
2. When the negative pole is connected, an electric spark will pop out, please don’t be afraid, this also means that the line is connected.

When the positive and negative poles of the broken car and the rescue car are connected to each other, you can enter the car to start the vehicle. If the vehicle cannot be started at one time, you can continue to try, but it is recommended that the vehicle cannot be started if the number of ignitions exceeds 5 times. , You need to contact after-sales maintenance.

electric vehicle

3. the electric vehicle needs to be cautious

If the car is a new energy pure electric vehicle, the high-voltage battery cannot be started due to insufficient power of the battery (small battery). It is also possible to implement self-rescue by means of automatic transmission of traditional fuel vehicles. However, in view of the multiple safety design of the high-voltage circuit of new energy pure electric vehicles, it is better to directly replace the battery or contact maintenance personnel for handling.

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