Are you looking for some lightweight high voltage battery that can be made in almost any shape and size? Our 4.4V high voltage LiPo (LiHV) UAV battery is a perfect match for your battery needs and offers large capacities by holding lots of energy in a small package.

A LiHV battery is a modified type of Lithium-ion Polymer battery where “HV” stands for “high voltage”. These high voltage batteries are more energy-intensive than outdated LiPo batteries. it is capable of charging to 4.4V per cell while the peak cell voltage of a normal lithium polymer battery is 4.2V and the nominal voltage only 3.7V.

Pros of 4.4V High Voltage LiPo (LiHV) UAV Battery

  • These high voltage batteries are normally lightweight and can be customized according to any possible size and shape.
  • 4V high voltage batteries are essential in any RC model, but for airplanes, helicopters, and quad/multi-rotor they are the reason electric flight has become so popular and viable today.
  • They have higher volumetric energy density and gravimetric (weight) energy density.
  • These batteries are very convenient and best at maintaining a reliable voltage/power output as they discharge.
  • LiPo 4.4V batteries contain high expulsion rates to power the most demanding electric RC aircraft and vehicles.

The Popularity of 4.4V High Voltage Batteries

Increased flight time, stable and reliable output power, providing higher efficiency to the flying experience are some of the key features of the popularity of 4.4V high voltage batteries. They can bring the greater storm in the RC world by bringing this much stable and efficient battery systems for planes, helicopters, and multi-rotor/drone.

These batteries are the main source behind the viability of the electric flight over fuel-powered models. They offer high energy solidity to weight ratios and provide a consistent voltage output, are adept at secure fast discharges, have rapid recharge times, and can be arranged in an infinite range of voltages, capacities, shapes, and sizes.

LiHV Drone Batteries’ Model

Grepow/Tattu high voltage LiHV Drone Batteries Model

All these batteries are connected by 6 cells in series with a voltage of 22.8V, the discharge rate can reach 10~25C. The capacity range is from 11000mAh to 40000mAh, with a wide range of options. Of course, if you have other capacity or c-rate needs, please feel free to contact us and we will help you customize the perfect battery solution.

LiHV Testing curve

 high voltage drone battery discharge and cycle life testing curve | Grepow Tattu

Advantages of 4.4V High Voltage Battery

Higher-End Voltage

These 4.4V high voltage batteries have a higher minimum and highest cell voltage than their normal complements, which allows for a higher charging cut-off voltage. This high charging voltage provides the increased efficiency throughout the battery functionalities and its long life. The major difference in the voltages might seem nominal initially in only one cell, but the benefit of these high voltage batteries develops more outward with an amplified number of cells in a battery pack.

Higher Capacity, Longer Run Time

High voltage batteries are designed in a way that the energy compactness of a battery imitates the battery’s ability for energy storage per unit volume. This 4.4V battery energy can be boosted by expanding the charging voltage, which is where we see the nominal voltage increase from 3.7V to 3.8V or even 3.85V. this is completely based upon the restricted space and weight of the power supply.

With the help of this method, which is mass-producible: the battery capacity can be improved by about 15%. This battery capacity can be varied to fully-charged batteries at 4.2V, 4.35V, and 4.4V. They allow your devices to have a longer and stronger life and support increased capacity in high voltage batteries.

Customizable Shape

High voltage batteries offer a variety of customization in their shape, size, and existence. These 4.4V batteries used in wearable gadgets are extremely subtle and need less power. The small variation in the capacity allows the battery to have a longer life than other batteries.

These batteries have the potential to be customized into various shapes and sizes which not only achieves the internal space of the devices they power but also extends the operational time. They can discharge more volume than ordinary LiPo batteries and can offer a longer time duration for any device.

Why You Should Opt for Grepow 4.4V LiHV Battery?

Usually, high voltage batteries are typically known for having their extreme charging voltage be at 4.35V, but we at Grepow have a unique chemical formula that can provide it at 4.4V or even 4.45V, they are the ultra high-voltage battery and have a higher rate discharge platform and higher discharge capacity.


As a professional battery manufacturer, we can provide custom drone battery service: structure design, custom BMS, battery solution, OEM, and ODM. We are Grepow and Tattu is our sub-brand that specializes in drone batteries, which is designed to deliver more efficient and secure power to your drones.

High voltage batteries can be perfectly applied to industrial or consumer drones, such as agricultural spraying drones, survey, mapping, inspection drones, VTOL, transportation and delivery drones, FPV, etc. Please feel free to contact us, our email is [email protected] and we would love to serve you.

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