If you are looking for the best drone battery in the market right now, Grepow High Discharge Rate (C-Rate) LiPo battery is among the top options for you. These drone batteries are ideal for enjoying a perfect flight experience with a high discharge rate. Moreover, you can enjoy better control over your drone without putting in too much effort.

What Does the Grepow High Discharge Rate (C-Rate) LiPo Battery Offer?

This high c-rate battery is known to offer multiple benefits at your fingertips, such as high capacity, maximum compatibility with different units, reliable power for UAVs, and a high discharge rate. Before flying, you need to check that the battery discharge c-rate is appropriate for your drone. Using a discharge rate that is too low may result in damage to your battery and poor battery performance that will not release current fast enough to properly power your motors.

Tattu (Grepow’s sub-brand) standard battery configuration for this unit is 6S1P. This means the battery pack consists of 6 cells connected in series that you can use to power your drone. It offers a c-rate of 30C, the C indicates the final ratio of the charge and discharge current, and 30C will offer you more minutes than other options in the market.

Tattu Grepow 30C drone/UAV/VTOL battery

Tattu battery manufacturer further offers lithium polymer batteries that are ideal for industrial drones and e-VTOLs. Since high c-rate batteries use electrode materials that conducive to high rate discharge and have a smaller internal resistance design than ordinary batteries, they have high discharge platform, high discharge efficiency, and high output power and energy.

From the curve picture, the high discharge battery provides a nominal voltage of 14.5V whereas the standard battery only provides that of 12.5V.  This is due to the low internal resistance of a higher C-rate, which results in lower losses during high current discharge.  This allows the discharge plateau and capacity to be maintained at a high level and keep the drone afloat for longer.

Grepow Tattu high c- rate discharge battery testing curve

Moreover, high C-rate batteries tend to have the ability to charge quickly. According to the picture, fast-charging batteries are filled with 3C to save 60% of the time than ordinary lithium batteries charged with 1C.

grepow uav fast charging battery

In addition, Grepow / Tattu’s high discharge rate (C-rate) LiPo battery is here to offer a compact solution to your drone flying requirements. Take Standard Batteries’ series for example, they offer different sizes such as 175*65*58mm, and the capacity options range from 10000mAh to 30000mAh, for more product details, please click here. If you have a special size or other demands, just contact us, and our Grepow team will provide you with a perfect custom solution service.

Here are some of the topmost benefits of using this high discharge rate battery for your UAV:

  • Energy density: Up to 270 Wh/Kg, peak current: 200A (3S).
  • It uses a modern stacking process and offers high performance in terms of power, discharge, and life cycles.
  • The stacking process also allows for a faster charging process.
  • This drone battery offers better temperature stability and tolerance.
  • This Grepow battery is ultra-thin, lightweight, and can be used in hundreds of different applications without placing too much burden on your drone.
  • We can also offer this battery in multiple shapes so that it can fit inside your specific UAV and drone.

How Can You Use this Grepow High Discharge Rate Battery?

There are hundreds of different applications for this lightweight and compact drone battery, depending upon your unique requirements. You can use this for Agricultural, VTOL, Construction Monitoring, FPV and so much more. Let’s explore some of the best uses of this high c-rate battery.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography has become the new norm to highlight the beautiful things of an environment from a contoured point of view. The battery will allow you to cover the maximum distance.

Agricultural Spraying

Agricultural spraying has truly evolved over the course of years, and farmers don’t even have to go inside the fields and endanger their lives with pesticides to keep the harmful insects at bay. Tattu battery provide enough current for the drone to gather power and lift off properly, and it will let them fly their drone over the entire field with more reliability and a higher discharge rate.

Transport Delivery

With modern advancements, drone transportation will be a thing in the near future. In fact, Amazon did experiments already to deliver packages with their high-powered drones in the past. Therefore, Tattu battery manufacturer offers this amazing and long-lasting battery to use drones to deliver packages to distant areas without any fears of crashing down due to battery issues.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Grepow battery manufacturer offers OEM / ODM solutions for drones and UAVs. We can also provide custom drone battery service, structure design, custom BMS, capacity, high discharge rate, high voltage, and so on. Tattu is the sub-brand of Grepow that specializes in drone batteries and excels in offering top-notch VTOL / UAV solutions to customers.

For the drone battery, Grepow developed a new semi solid state battery with even 300Wh/Kg energy density and 1000 cycles life. If you are interested in our UAV batteries, please feel free to contact us by email at [email protected] to get more information or visit our website page at https://www.grepow.com/page/uav-battery.html for details on our batteries.

Grepow Website: https://www.grepow.com/

Grepow LinkedIn: Grepow Battery

Grepow Facebook: Grepow Battery

Grepow Youtube: Grepow Battery

Tattu USA Store: https://www.genstattu.com/

Tattu DE Store: https://www.gensace.de/

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