Anyone who owns a vehicle should have the right tools in the vehicle, including a spare tire, a jack, and always, a jump starter. A jumper is probably the most used vehicle tool of all time, either for yourself or for someone else in need. If you are an auto repair store, you need to sell jump starters.

Jump starters are made by specialists in the auto repair world, and they can be purchased online. The best ones are made in China as the quality is excellent, as is the pricing, and these products are sold online via their American and European stores. You can purchase the best jump starter products, directly or indirectly, retail or wholesale, or online if you choose.

How to choose a jump starter?

Many vehicles come with jumpers when you purchase the vehicle, but as many don’t! Check-in your trunk, and if you don’t have the device, get to an auto repair shop and buy a pair. You can generally buy jump starters from any good auto shop, as well as from the Automobile Association.

GREPOW 2000A Jump Starter with Air Inflator

We would always recommend buying good quality jump starters, and if you are in retail or wholesale, you will hopefully only sell good quality automobile equipment. A good pair of jump starters can literally last a lifetime and is not the kind of tool that one wants to replace. Buy a good one, sell good ones, and know that your jump starters are always guaranteed to work.

What exactly is a jump starter

A jump starter is a portable battery device that will start a vehicle if the battery has gone flat. It is similar to jumper cables, although jumper cables need an additional vehicle to get the battery back to life. Jumper cables are hooked from the engine of one car to another for a jump start. With a jump starter, the battery device is plugged or attached directly to the engine of the vehicle that has gone flat.

A jump starter is a compact device. It does not take up much space in the car but it has perfect power. A good jump starter is safe to store and safe to use and works quickly and efficiently. Anyone driving a car should have quick and easy access to a jump-starting device and should know how to use it.

The benefits of a jump starter

  • Always get your engine started.
  • Never worry about a flat battery.
  • Help yourself, but help others in a crisis too.
  • Stay out of dangerous situations.

Any new driver should have a jump starter available to them and know how to use it. A good quality jump starting device is easy to use, will never fail, and of course, comes with easy-to-follow instructions. If you are in the auto repair business, encourage your clients to buy jump starters. They are always valuable and useful devices.

a man and a woman are smile auto repair

If you are an auto repair shop, jump starters should be easy for your customers to see. Many people don’t think about owning a jump starter until they are stuck with a dead battery and are in trouble!

Who should have a jump starter in their car

  • New drivers, or young drivers who may panic in an emergency
  • Drivers of old vehicles
  • Anyone who travels on quiet roads.
  • Everyone who drives!

A jump starter has multi-benefits but always check the jump starter you have so you know what the benefits are. A good quality jump starter can:

  • Provide light.  (perhaps you have to change a tire in the dark)
  • Charge electronics.
  • Jumpstart your vehicle or somebody else’s vehicle.

These are easy selling points!

Grepow 2000A Jump Starter with wireless charge

When a customer is choosing a jump starter, encourage them to get one that is powerful. They never know what kind of car they are going to have to start. If you are selling jump starters, it’s not a bad idea to sell a good range of jump starters. Any customer is impressed if you have more than one brand. But push the good brands because a good brand means a satisfied customer.

By the way, a jump starter is not only used to start cars. They are used for motorbikes and boats too. This is important, again if you are in the retail or wholesale business for motorbikes or boats. Sell jump starters and make them appealing to your customers. They can get them out of sticky situations.

What about direct customers

You can buy jump starters online and do not have to go into a retail or wholesale auto repair store. A jump starter is a good thing to buy yourself. It is not an indulgence, it is a necessity.

A jump starter is a good thing to buy your child who is just starting out driving and has their own vehicle. It is a good thing to buy your partner! It may sound like an odd gift but a man would love a jump starter in his vehicle!  As would any woman who does not want to land up with a dead battery and likes independence.

Lets look at the best jump starter manufacturer

Many people think of jumper cables when they think of jumper starters, but they are two different things.

Jumper cables are composed of long electrical cables that have metal clamps on either end, enabling you to connect to another power device and discharge the power to the flat engine.

These work, of course, but you need two vehicles and are reliant on someone else helping you.

A jumper starter is a portable device where the power comes from the device to the flat battery. The jumper starter and the booster cables are one device. The device is portable. It can be kept in the car. It is light to use. And provided you get a good one, it works. Portable jumper starters have lithium-ion batteries and come in a case. They are an excellent device for all auto repair shops to sell.

There are many kinds of portable jumper starters and they come in different shapes and sizes. They also have different features, and some are much stronger than each other. As a wholesaler, you should sell a range, bearing in mind that reliability, power, and safety all come first. If you are a wholesaler or retailer, get hold of the specialists.

custom safety car jump starter (1)

Grepow was founded in 1998, we have more than 20 years of battery customization and production technology. Grepow high discharge rate pouch cell is currently the best and commonly utilized for car jump starter. We offer jump starter OEM/ODM solutions as well as custom LiPo/LiFePO4 cells for Jump Starter. We can apply different kinds of battery certificates for you at your request. The UL2743, FCC, ROHS, CE and UN38.3 are available.

grepow factory

Grepow Jump Starters are ultra-compact, yet powerful devices with the power of lithium technology. Pound for pound, lithium provides extreme energy output at a fraction of the size. And coupled with high-end electronics and design, it produces safe and efficient performance.
Portable lithium battery jump starter packs up to 2,000A.

Please feel free to contact us for your best Jump Starter solution at [email protected]

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