Car jump starter is an important tool for drivers. It can help you out during crises. Moreover, it can get your car moving once again. So, you don’t have to be stranded by the roadside. Similarly, it can help you avoid roadside assistance charges. You can jump-start your car by yourself and get going. However, there are hundreds of options in the market. So, you need to know the best one before purchasing it.

What Is the Best Jump Starter in The Market?

Jump starters are among the most important tools to have for vehicle owners. These can help you with roadside emergencies. Moreover, these can help get out of any crisis situation if your car isn’t working or needs a “jump-start” to get back into action. We offer the best jump starters and CEM/ODM solutions on the market. Let’s see what these bring to the table.

GREPOW Rechargeable Battery Jump Starter

This amazing option can jump start up to 12V engines without hassles. So, you can use it for 6-Liter diesel 12V engines and 8-Liter gasoline on the go. Moreover, this kit comes with a built-in air inflator. It can help you change tires on the road without having to waste your energy on a mechanical tool. However, this is merely one of the CEM/ODM solutions available to our customers. We offer multiple sizes, dimensions, and capacities per your requirements.

GREPOW 2000A Jump Starter with Air Inflator

Basic Features

An amazing benefit of this option is that you can detect tire pressure. You can enjoy an air pressure sensor accuracy of up to ±2 PSI. You will also see LED lighting on top of this machine. This will help you understand everything with accuracy.

The maximum battery capacity is 20000mAh or 74Wh. The starting current for this machine is 1000A, whereas the peak current is at 2000A. There are also three different lighting modes, such as SOS, stroboscopic, and constant light. This compact jump starter is ideal for frequent travelers. Let’s explore other options in detail.

We offer multiple CEM/ODM solutions to our customers. The details mentioned above belong to one of our solutions. We offer customizable and adaptable solutions per your requirements.

Wireless Charging Capabilities

GREPOW Rechargeable Battery Jump Starter is among the best options on the market. Moreover, it offers wireless charging capabilities. Similarly, it comes equipped with a high-speed polymer battery. However, most jump starters still use a lead-acid starter. Therefore, you can enjoy high-speed charging on the go.

Customizable Pouch Cell Lithium battery

If you want a specific jump starter made for your vehicle, this is the right option for you. Moreover, you can customize the starter cells per your requirements. Therefore, you can choose from the best cells and stack them accordingly. This is something unique. So, you will not see this option in other jump starters on the market.

Structure of pouch cell battery | Grepow
Structure of pouch cell battery

All the starter cells offer high performance in terms of power. Moreover, they offer amazing discharge and life cycles. So, you can keep enjoying the option for a long time. Here is the most common formation with this option:

  • GRP3968088
  • GRP4642126
  • GRP5760078
  • GRP6260078
  • GRP7542126
  • GRP8042126

Security Features

One of the best things about this option is the amazing security features. Therefore, you can take this anywhere with you. Moreover, there are protection circuits to safeguard the device on the road. Here are some of the topmost security features you can enjoy with this.

Emergency car jump starter board

  • Short Circuit Protection: One of the biggest issues with portable jump starters is the short circuit issues. However, you will not have to worry about that with this option. The circuitry is designed to handle overloads, sudden bursts, and other issues.
  • Over-Temperature Protection: Another issue is the temperature overload with jump-starting kits. However, this option comes with an over-temperature protection system. So, you can easily use it between the -20℃ to 50℃ temperature range without worries.
  • Reverse-Polarity Protection: Sometimes, people can accidentally put the wrong wires on the wrong terminals. This can easily damage the battery of your car. However, this option can fight against that and keep the polarity in sync. The LED lighting will show you if the wires are on the wrong terminals.
  • Reverse-Charge Protection: You must have heard of the reverse-charge issue with such devices. However, this device never becomes a victim of a reverse charge. So, you can use it without any problems.
  • Over-Charge Protection: Another issue is the over-charge issue with such devices. However, this is a programmable option. Therefore, you will never have to worry about this jump starter over-charging the car engine. You can program it to stop upon command.

Miscellaneous Features

If you thought this device could only jump-start cars, you are wrong. It can help out with other electronic devices, such as:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • USB-Charged Devices

Therefore, you can easily connect other devices with this option and charge them on the road. Moreover, you will not have to worry about the hassles of cords. This device offers wireless charging capabilities as well. So, you can place your smartphone on top of the devices and charge it with the right tools.

GREPOW 2000A Jump Starter with wireless charging

You can also charge your laptop with the 12V connections in this option. However, the 9V plugs can also charge electronic devices. It can easily charge up to three devices simultaneously.

The Compact Size

Do you want your jump starter to be huge? If the answer is no, this device is ideal for you. It offers a compact size and dimensions of 221mm x 89mm x 28mm. Moreover, the net weight for this device is also 675 grams. Therefore, you can easily pack it or keep it under your car seat. You can use this device to jump-start:

  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Lawnmowers
  • Tractors
  • Speedboats

This device uses modern lithium-ion battery cells. Therefore, the size is smaller than traditional options. So, you can take it around with you without putting any additional weight on your luggage.


We offer multiple CEM/ODM solutions to our clientele. These dimensions belong to one of our available solutions. Other solutions come in different dimensions. You can contact us and learn more about the different solutions that better suit your requirements.

Easy Charging Capabilities

Moreover, you will not have to worry about charging this wireless option. You can plug it in using a traditional mobile charger. However, professionals recommend against letting the battery drain completely.

The Bottom Line

GREPOW Lithium Battery Jump Starter is among the best jump starters in the market. It offers compact size and dimensions. Moreover, it comes with plenty of security features to protect your car. You can also charge other devices with this option. The price is worth it. Therefore, this can be an amazing addition to your tools on the road.

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