Drone / UAV / VTOL products in the market often leave customers unsatisfied with quality, durability, and performance. As such, Grepow’s Tattu has always been the first choice of rational consumers as the best drone battery. Here, we will summarize the features of Tattu to our potential customers to help them benefit from the best intelligent battery available today.

Semi Solid Smart Battery

Tattu has recently introduced a brand new semi solid battery technology that ensures high energy density. Consequently, the battery has excellent flying endurance. Presently, it is the best smart flight battery for professional drones that provide optimal work efficiency for various users.

There are numerous benefits of these batteries:

  1. The shape of the battery is customizable to meet your requirements.
  2. The battery is fully compatible with BMS technology (mentioned below).
  3. The specific capacity of this battery model is higher than most counterparts.
  4. Long endurance to ensure that you do not have to make repeat expenses on buying new batteries.

BMS Technology

Smart batteries boasting BMS are the future of drone battery technology. Tattu takes a step further in combining the best BMS features in its current offerings. The battery remains protected and can produce data statistics as well. Additionally, the battery’s longevity increases, ensuring maximum efficiency for most users.

BMS Tattu drone smart battery | Grepow

Some of the critical features in the BMS Tattu smart flight battery are as follows:

  1. The SOC indication is exact. The state of charge tells the ratio of the available battery. With precise SOC indication, it is easier to plan using the product using the battery before the next recharge.
  2. You get both accurate overcurrent, overcharged, and over-discharged warnings and protection, each of these states can damage the battery in the long term if they happen frequently. Thus, controlling them and protecting your product from each is important for durability.
  3. BMS ensures both smart voltage management and self-balance, providing the best output in most scenarios.
  4. Batteries can get damaged if they become overheated or overcooled. The new BMS smart drone batteries manage both these aspects by Tattu.
  5. Short-circuit is dangerous and can damage the product using the battery as well. Tattu ensures your product’s safety by providing a complete short-circuit warning and protection mechanism.
  6. CANBUS protocol, Bluetooth, and cloud management align the battery with modern technological advances.
  7. Smart heating is installed to avoid overheating the battery.Tattu smart drone battery

UAVs and Custom Solutions

Tattu offers customized cells for users of different types of drones. In order to ensure the best usage of the product, we offer the following features in all UAV solutions:

  1. Each customized cell offers high discharge and high voltage. This aspect allows the cell to be used with most drone models easily.
  2. The cell capacity is limitless. Tattu considers your particular request when deciding the cell capacity.
  3. The energy density is 270 Wh/Kg, which is optimum for most UAV and drone usage.
  4. The battery weight is completely dependent on the requirements of the customer.
  5. The customized battery size suits the requirements of the end-user. We can offer any size as long as it fits your needs.
  6. The operating temperature is offered in two batches: -40 C to 80 C or -50 C to 50 C.

In addition to the operative features, there are numerous structural features of these batteries as well:

  1. The batteries are shockproof. The absorption device between the battery box and the cell ensures that small bumps and collisions do not damage the cell. It increases the durability of the product.
  2. Drones usually come in contact with a lot of dust and water vapors. In such conditions, most batteries do not survive very long. Tattu removes these issues by ensuring complete dust and waterproofing of the battery.
  3. Heat dissipation is a must-have structural feature to prevent the battery from getting overheated. Tattu’s smart UAV and custom solutions offer heat dissipation structures to avoid heat buildup near the cell.
  4. Different connector types can work well with these batteries making them usable in multiple contexts.tattu smart battery

Apart from the general features, the BMS smart UAV drone batteries also have overcharge protection and effective balancing charging. Additionally, discharge management and temperature management are also provided. All these features not only help to make the battery safer but also more efficient to use.


Getting the best battery for your drones and other usage is essential to get the maximum benefit from your product. Tattu ensures that our UAV and BMS smart batteries give you maximum efficiency, performance, and durability. Additionally, our custom solutions are there to cater to any specific battery-related needs. Contact us today and let our team provide you the best battery solution. We are here to serve you with the best.

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