UAV is an actual aircraft that is being commanded via remote control or locally available computers. As part of the UAV system, the battery also needs to be selected according to our needs, such as low temperature, high voltage, high C-rate, etc.

Drone batteries come in all sizes, going from hand-dispatched miniature UAVs to enormous scope forms that use electric motors, combustion engines, or jet propulsion. Most drones use LiPo batteries. The basic prerequisites include high energy or weight proportion, flexibility to vibration and shock, and fuel checking to demonstrate the remaining time of the mission.  For the functional characteristics of the batteries, this requires battery manufacturers to develop different battery formulations and raw material ratios to meet the public’s entertainment or work experience.

Battery packs are more than a simple configuration of cells. They are painstakingly designed items with numerous security highlights. The principle segments of a battery pack incorporate the cells (the essential fuel source); the battery management system (BMS) – a printed circuit board gathering – that gives the knowledge of the system, with highlights, for example, the fuel checking and securing hardware; the fenced-in area (either a plastic nook, plastic exoskeleton, or shrink-wrap PVC covering); and other contacts or connectors.

Tattu 3.0 battery for surving and mapping vtol uav

It is worth mentioning that a new high energy density battery has been proven to be fully used in drones, with extended endurance being its most important feature, and can reach 1000 cycles. The new technology developed by our company – Grepow this year, called semi solid battery.  It has the customizable size and shape and a complex coated separator ensuring protection. Moreover, it is of Si material with an over-discharge resistance capacity of 2.5 Volts.

Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Battery

UAV batteries are being created and utilized by numerous nations all throughout the world. Because of their wide proliferation, no thorough rundown of UAV systems existing. The applications of UAV batteries, therefore, are used massively around the world. A bigger UAV is utilized for calculated inspection. The most significant of these is the U.S. RQ-4 Global Hawk, a stream fueled art 44 feet (13 meters) in length and with a wingspan of 116 feet (35 meters). The Global Hawk has a voyage speed of 400 miles (640 km) each hour and perseverance of about a day and a half, and it conveys an assortment of photographic, radar, and electronic sensors. More of the smaller UAV batteries, sometimes hand-dispatched, are utilized to broaden the vision of ground battle units past their forefronts. There are other different types of applications of UAV batteries. These include:

10000mah drone battery 11 grepow


  • Recreation
  • Disaster relief
  • Archaeology
  • conservation of biodiversity and habitat
  • law enforcement
  • crime
  • terrorism


  • Aerial surveillance
  • Filmmaking
  • Journalism
  • Scientific research
  • Surveyingand Mapping
  • Cargo transport
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Forestry
  • Solar farming
  • Thermal energy
  • Ports
  • Agriculture
  • Quadcopter
  • Helicopter
  • VTOL


  • Reconnaissance
  • Attack
  • Demining
  • target practice

Battery Management System (BMS)

A BMS is an electronic system that deals with a battery that is rechargeable (cell or battery pack like UAVs) such as by shielding the battery from working external its safe operating territory, monitoring its state, ascertaining secondary information, revealing that information, controlling its current circumstance, validating it and/or adjusting it.

A custom battery pack assembled along with a battery management system with an outside correspondence information transport is a keen battery pack.

If you are looking for a reliable BMS system or UAV batteries, you can approach the Grepow rechargeable batteries. The BMS by Grepow incorporates a display and control module, wireless communication module, and acquisition module for recording the history of the battery.

Tattu smart drone battery

Why Grepow Rechargeable Battery

Founded in 1998, Grepow is a company for advanced technology that holds expertise in the production as well as the research of Li-po batteries, NIMH batteries, and LiFePO4 batteries and the development of power management systems. Grepow has become one of the leading UAV battery manufacturers. Grepow is a self-owned brand, one of their sub-brands Tattu is a renowned name at home and abroad.  The quality management system of the Grepow runs the standards like IATF16949, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, and ISO9001to make sure the reliability, quality of the products, and stability. Additionally, the operation standards are scientifically set up and implemented during the procedure of the purchase, outgoing quality, raw material, production, and warehouse management to ensure excellent efficiency.  The International certifications, such as UL, CE, UN, and GB could be provided for related products.

Tattu is a well-known sub-brand that focuses on drone batteries. We have custom battery pack design and drone batteries custom solutions. We also provide OEM and ODM services ensuring quality and reliability. For more information about drone batteries, or semi solid high voltage batteries, please go to the official webpage and feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

In the end, we Grepow hereby sincerely invite you to visit our booth at the 5th Drone World Conference 2021 from May 21st to 23th 2021 in Shenzhen. If you are interested in the exhibition, please click the link ” here ” to contact us. Thank you.

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