One of the most sinking feelings any driver has is when they get into their car, switch on the ignition, and – the battery is dead. No matter what they do, they cannot get the ignition to work. The person knows they need to jumpstart their car, they know they should have bought that portable jump starter when they saw it in the store, and they wonder which friend they can call to help.

They also wonder if they know how to even use a jump starter

Of course, anyone in this situation does call a friend and someone comes to their rescue, or an automobile association helps out, which can work, other than the inconvenience and the cost. This means the next thing they do is head straight to an auto repair shop to buy themselves a piece of auto equipment that everyone should have.

Yes, a portable jump starter.

Auto repair shops and jump starters

All auto repair stores should stock a portable jump starter and even, a small range of different kinds of jump starters. Most regular vehicle owners want a good quality jump starter but not the most expensive jump starter. They want a compact jump starter, one that is easy to keep in the bonnet or back seat of their car, not get all tangled up and messy, one that is easy to use, and one that is powerful enough to get their car going. Also, one that never ever fails.

Auto repair

How to choose a jump starter

If you are in the auto repair business, then you know about vehicles, the tools, and the equipment that go with cars. You also know that technology has changed, and nobody needs to drive around with an old jump starter, one that is bulky, difficult to charge, and takes forever to work. Everything today is about reliability and speed. You should store a selection of jump starters, those that appeal to new and old drivers, drivers of small cars, and drivers of motorcycles, vans, land rovers, 4 x 4s, and trucks.

Jump starters today are high technology. You can get jump starters that give off light, which is necessary for a nighttime emergency, can power a mobile phone, a laptop or an i-pad, or even all three at the same time. If the portable jump starter on its own doesn’t appeal to a young or new driver, the technology will.

Also, when selling jump starters, choose jump starters that specialize in lithium technology as they are energy efficient and are small but powerful. They are safe and effective, and again, you can get different sizes which means you can buy/sell different jump starters.

GREPOW 2000A Jump Starter with Air Inflator

What is the buyer of a jump starter looking for?

The person who is buying a jump starter is looking for convenience. They want to know that in the event of an emergency their jump starter will be available to them, will work immediately, and will work effectively. They want to know what it uses the latest technology, that it is small and compact and easy to use. Of course, they are looking for good quality, a jump starter is often a once-off lifetime purchase. If you are selling portable jump starters, this is all going to be how you sell the appliance, as well as on the good points such as versatility, light, and its ability to charge other appliances.

Auto repair shops do need to sell a few different sizes of jump starters. The person who needs a jump starter for his boat needs a different size to the motorbike rider. Buy jump starters in bulk, as they are always going to be best sellers, and get them from a reputable supplier. Jump starters can be bought online and shipped or delivered to you. The best jump starters are those that are portable, easy to keep together, and easy for any driver to use.

What should an Auto Repair shop look for in a jump start supplier?

Quality is the most important aspect, as all jump starters, just like a portable jump starter, should last a long time. Saying that price is also extremely important. People have limited budgets. Therefore, makes sense to use a jump start manufacturer and supplier who designs, manufactures, supplies, and delivers, and offers wholesale and bulk prices to the auto repair equipment stores.

If you are in the auto repair business, or in sales, you want a jump start supplier who has a lot of experience and a presence across the globe if possible. You want a jump starter supplier who is on top of the latest technology and has a team of engineers who are constantly working, brainstorming, and designing, bearing in mind quality, cost, and the environment.

Take a look online. A good supplier will be able to tell you all about their service, offer support service, keep you updated with regular news and technology, make references and reviews available to you, and have a presence on social media platforms. A good supplier will use the latest kind of batteries, offer a range of products, and always put you, the customer, first.

custom safety car jump starter (1)

Display your jump-start range

Jump starters are often the biggest and easiest sell for auto repair stores, and even, for mechanics. Everyone with a vehicle needs a portable jump starter. Jump starters make great gifts for new car owners. They are a necessity, for a motorbike, vehicle, SUV, 4 x 4, van, or truck. Obviously, the strength of the jump starter needed depends on the kind of vehicle, but the ordinary portable jump starter is one of the easiest and most popular pieces of auto equipment. They come with instructions and are super easy for even the most technically challenged.

Look at the range online, check how long delivery will take, noting that Grepow manufactures their jump starters in China and have online stores in the United States and the European Union.

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