Battery technology has had to change and develop over the years to keep up with modern technology, such as drones.  Semi solid battery, have been known as its high energy density, have been designed and developed to suit high technology appliances today. UAVs and VTOLS, such as those used in agricultural spraying, robotics, for rescue missions, industry patrols, cargo transport, deliveries, surveying and mapping drones, and inspection, all need a Tattu (Grepow’s sub-brand ) semi solid battery, and it is only specialist companies that have designed such extraordinary and high quality batteries.

High Energy Density Batteries

Technologies such as drone technology rely on high energy density batteries. General consumer products still make use of ordinary although top quality batteries but a UAV, unmanned vehicle, needs a specific and a much longer endurance battery. UAVs are used today in all the above industries, and more, and it is not just essential to have a good quality UAV, but a top quality semi solid battery that will not fail. Grepow‘s semi solid battery can reach 275~300 Wh/Kg, there are high voltage seemi solid battery ( HV Semi Solid ) that has a higher energy density.

Battery technology has had to move with the times. While portable technologies such as our smartphones and tablets have newer, lighter and long lasting batteries, drones, or a UAV or VTOL, need something that is much more high energy, enduring, top quality, and long lasting. The weight of Grepow’s semi solid battery can be reduced by 15% for the same capacity, and it can increase the flight time of a drone by 30%.

GRP HV semi solid energy density

Semi Solid Battery

The latest technology with batteries for a UAV and VTOL is the semi solid battery. This is the battery that is a flow battery that uses solid battery active materials, these active materials being stored in energy storage tanks. The materials get pumped into the electro-chemical reaction cells when charging and when discharging. They offer extreme performances.

Drone battery technology goes one step further

Bear in mind that batteries today that are used to power ordinary technology, the appliances you use every day, are much lighter and more powerful and long lasting, technology for drones, or for UAV and VTOL use, has needed to go one step further. Today when a drone is designed, irrespective of the use, the battery is the most important component. It has got to be both high energy and longer endurance, but it also needs to be compact.

Drone spraying a field - Grepow semi solid battery

Specialist battery companies design specialist batteries for drones

Over the years, semi solid batteries have been designed, tested, manufactured and improved, to the point where only semi solid batteries are used in drone technology. These batteries are combat and packed with power. While drone technology, or technology in general, has seen high standards regarding longer endurance, the specialist battery companies have worked HARD at producing the perfect battery. A semi solid battery means that the battery charges quickly and does not deplete quickly. The best quality batteries for a UAV also have a battery capacity that does not lessen over over time.

Drone technology is high tech technology

Batteries used to be designed with phones, PCs and laptops in mind, especially smart phones. But today, with drone technology, batteries have been redesigned, with the understanding of what a VTOL needs.

We are in the 21st century and technology is no longer only about our phones, tablets and laptops anymore. The 21st century and advances in technology bought a whole new challenge for batteries, batteries that definitely needed to be longer endurance and high energy density with minimal weight.

Surveying and mapping drones

Drones do not use the same batteries as cell phone batteries and in particular, surveying and mapping drones need good semi solid batteries. In fact, all drones that are used for corporate or industrial use, perhaps not for leisure, need a high end battery. The battery should match the capacity of the UAV drone. While leisure drones may be able to fly on a simple 12-volt battery, or a few AA batteries, they are not going to fly very far or be very useful.

For a high-end UAV or a modern VTOL drone, a high energy density, semi solid battery can be the make or break variable when it comes to just how functional and practical such a device is. Drone devices carry computers, video cameras, cameras and need data and bandwidth to operate properly. These drones, surveying and mapping drones, and other drones, need the right batteries for proper function and reliability.

grepow semi solid battery's application

Don’t survey and mapping drones just use cell phone batteries

Some drones use ordinary batteries, or the same type of battery technology with a slightly different factor, but these are for very limited drones by way of practical application. A drone for leisure use is very different from a drone used for agricultural spraying, robotics, for rescue missions, industry patrols, cargo transport, deliveries, surveying and mapping drones, and inspection. There are different expectations for this kind of drones and drones used for any professional use, a UAVdrone, needs a proper high technology top quality semi solid battery.

Do all drones need specialist batteries

A drone cannot travel very far, achieve very much height, or run for particularly long periods of time if they are on ordinary batteries. They need more power. It’s not only about power though. It is due to the additional functionality that a drone requires if it is to serve much in the way of practical application. A drone that is being used for a specific purpose, carries optical and computational equipment, things that not only add extra weight to the device, but also consume a significant amount of power to operate itself. There are also wireless transponders, video, survey data, statistics and a whole lot of technology that needs top quality battery support, including bandwidth.

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