how-to-choose-a-good emergency-car-jump-starter?

In recent years, the emergency car jump starter is currently a very hot development of mobile power high-tech products, not only can provide an emergency start for the car, but also for cell phones, laptops, and other digital products charging. Because of the convenient and convenient emergency car jump starter hot sales, so there are many car jump starter manufacturers in the current market. How to distinguish a good emergency car jump starter? What aspects of the car jump starter review to start with?

First of all, we have to understand all the hardware of the whole product of the emergency car jump starter. A complete emergency car jump starter must be necessary core, circuit board, battery capacity, and the appearance of the shell.

1.  Emergency car jump starter battery

The electric core is an essential component of the emergency car jump starter, it can be said that it is the core part of the entire car jump starter. Therefore, the quality of the battery is an aspect of our distinction the quality of the emergency car jump starter, we can mainly judge its quality through capacity, operating voltage, charge, and discharge cycle life.

Lithium battery is mainly composed of two blocks, the battery cell and protection PCM (power battery is generally known as the battery management system BMS). The Protection board is mainly composed of a protection chip or management chip, MOS tube, resistor, capacitor, and PCB board. The electric cell is equivalent to the heart of the lithium battery, and the management system is equivalent to the brain of the lithium battery. The electric cell is mainly composed of positive electrode material, negative electrode material, electrolyte, diaphragm, and shell. So the core is one of the most important components of the emergency car jump starter.

2. Board

We should all know that when charging the car jump starter, is connected through the circuit board and wires, so its quality determines the quality of the output of the car’s multifunctional starter power. So we distinguish the quality of the car jump starter, also pay attention to the choice of the circuit board. only an excellent circuit board can make the car jump starter play the maximum performance. (The name of the circuit board has: circuit board, PCB board, aluminum substrate, high-frequency board, thick copper board, impedance board, ultra-thin circuit board, printed (copper etching technology), etc.)

Emergency car jump starter board

3. Shell

Car emergency starter shell is also one of the important components. in order to protect the internal material of the car emergency start power, must increase the shell strength increase the protective layer, otherwise, it will not look good, the strength is also low. General lithium battery shells are stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum-plastic film or ABS/PC plastic, and so on. Of course, HF acid corrosion-resistant inert materials that are not involved in the electrode reaction, as long as there is good insulation between the positive and negative electrodes can be used. What material to use depends on the field of use of the battery and the use of the environment.

4. Battery capacity

The first three are said to be an important part of the emergency car jump starter. Although the battery capacity in the car jump starter is not particularly large in the judgment of the criteria, it also belongs to the difference between good and bad car jump starter selection criteria. The size of the battery capacity often determines the number of stars and the longevity of the battery life for the car starter. But this battery capacity is not to say that the larger the better but should look at all aspects of the product’s performance, and then choose the. So this is also an essential and important part.

Emergency car jump starter battery

Car starter built-in maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, but also high-performance lithium batteries, a wide range of choices of car emergency start power cells, safety, circuit boards, housing, and battery capacity, is the most important aspect of our distinction between good and bad car emergency start power. Of course, there may be some other factors, such as the product’s appearance and design, etc.

4.  Jump starter battery manufacturer

Finally, we must remind you that there are many car jump starter products on the market, you must recognize the authoritative brand, after-sales protection. Like Grepow production of lithium car jump starter is certified, including CE, UL, etc., absolutely safe and reliable. At present, we produce some OEM products, which are very competitive in the market, you can contact us for related information. Of course, we can also customize according to your needs.

If you are interested in the car jump starter, you can contact us at any time!
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