We had ZTT, China’s largest Fiber Optic (FO) Cable manufacturer, looking to make FO cables in South Carolina. But, when we suggested that they buy the Optical fibers from Corning in North Carolina; only 75 miles away, to make their completed cables: ZTT said no. They just wanted to bring completed FO cables from China and warehouse in SC. That made zero economic sense. Unless, ZTT was just dumping FO cables on the US markets illegally. Which is the aim of all China businesses.

In SC, the new China owned Volvo factory, is just going to be a front for dumping China made autos inside the USA. They are making very expensive Volvos that most can not afford to purchase. But, the cheap China cars will solve that problem. If they can’t do that, then China’s Geeley Co. will threaten to close the factory for economic reasons. Thus, putting pressure on SC’s powerful politicians: Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott, even Jim Clyburn, etc. A smart strategy by China to get their cars into the USA. The same strategy used in the past by Japan.

original article https://www.oann.com/eu-launches-investigation-into-chinese-optical-fibre-cable-imports/


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