You can’t replace 24/7 on demand product or service promotion. Not one on one, but your promotion and unlimited interactions with people that want your product or service

Interactive content: Website development continues to advance with interactive experience. Current webpage and internet websites are pretty flat and uneventful. As programming and internet speeds develop your website will be more instructive and interactive. Currently forums on specific topics with questions and answers rule the on-demend content but this is also the luck of the draw determined by your search criteria.
Search Engine Luck of the draw:
Large search engines place their preferred ads first, this is not your best approach. Also as people start to realize their search habits are recored, analized and information sold or given to government agencies.
Finding your Local resources will be the best and getting your product or service grouped with people you respect is key.

Have you dumped cable and started to explore the endless options of video available browsing the internet. So many options, the funny and useless cracks to some downright high quality educational content.

The options for video are more than most people know. The current leader for video will soon lose it’s luster, people realizing political and social beliefs are forced on viewers, liberal anti christian views, the Left.

Well google doesn’t own video production and soon, after they restrict free speech, a new alternative will appear.


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