Ok so after a year it’s actually pretty awesome, you just have to take it apart and keep it maintained ship shape. The Chain, The Chain. Keep it clean and lubed

Brand new Bike  Issue number 4.  Can you see the workmanship defect?
Flat tire.  Not a object from the road but a issue with the bike builder.
The rim builder used such carlessness he left burs on the spoke nut. large enough to puncture the tine, Notice the tube hole on the inside of the tube. If this went to the bike shop I would have had to pay and been told i hit a nail, but this is not the Story.  Poor quality workman ship!

mar 2021 update:

I think a new review is in order. Yes I still have my bike and have really learned to appreciate it. The key is and this is the most important part , you have to do daily maintenance. I’m not talking about wrenching on it every day but you have to do inspections and good cleaning after riding. I am a beach rider and ride sometimes 3 times a week, the average trip is 20 miles. Totally incredible experience. Riding on the sand is easy and getting up to speed on the bosch peddle assist quick. We run 15 mph and can cover some ground.

Overall I would give this setup a top billing, and with the many examples of electric bikes coming available I still think this is the best. It’s pedal assist not a motor in the wheel.

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