Remember people and wannabe student pilots… just because a field is heavily regulated don’t trust it to be devoid of dishonesty, fraud and neglect… the things that will kill you in Aviation.
I saw airplane owners defrauded by repair shops and shoddy work done or equipment stolen and replaced with subpar components under the hood with falsified logbook entries, and I saw flight schools careless and renting planes with no insurance coverage covering renters because run by convicted felons who were refused any sort of coverage so resorted to the traditional “lease-back” scheme.
I wouldn’t be surprised if this plane was not insured for commercial usage and 100% of the coverage would need to come from a renter’s policy which generally has low limits and is supposed to be an overflow, not the primary insurance.
The best way to learn flying is to find a veteran CFI with decades of experience with a passion for teaching and stick and rudder skills and a tailwheel experience. The later is a dead giveway for a competent CFI who has passion for the craft.
Then get your own used C172 in good mechanical shape and learn with that guy. To be a good apprentice you need a good master.
Those are my words based on my personal experience.


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