I do not believe that the release of this virus was accidental, and I think Gates , Fauci and parts of our government were involved.

Years ago I would have thought my statement was a conspiracy theory; however, recent activities that have been exposed, have destroyed all trust in our government.

Fraudci himself “predicted” 3 years ago that President Trump would have to deal with a pandemic in his 1st term He’s a fortune teller just look at his bank account from this pandemic

It is ALWAYS about “follow the money”! I’ll wager that had Hillary been elected, this “pandemic” would’ve also been dropped on her, so that she could “manage it”, and pour more millions into the Clinton Crime Family. I’ll also wager that her brother, Hugh Rotten, and brother-in-law, Roger Clinton, would’ve make piles of money. Hillary would’ve been fed amaaaaaaazing answers to the White House Press Corps’ underhand, slow-pitch softball questions. The talking heads at XiNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and all the rest would have wet their pants over the “strong, confident, smart” President Hillary, and how her motherly instincts took over in this time of suffering and need! (My stomach just roiled thinking about this…)

Follow the money right back to Soros, Communist China, Big Pharma (d.b.a. as “China’s B***h”), the Deep State and the Clinton Crime Family. With Trump in office, the “pandemic” has been tuned into a “scamdemic”, with the poor, poor, Clintons being left out of the money, except for their usual “skim”, which I guarantee they are getting!

  • comments about hillary on the mark. To manage it means to finish America off. Notice the legislation that pelosi “drafted” while the house is in recess. She did not write that.

    Lobbyists have written almost all congressional bills for a long time. The first step to preventing the continuing dysfunction in our government is to outlaw lobbying completely. It is nothing more than legalized bribery, and the only way to effectively stop corruption is to do away with lobbying altogether.

    You’re so right, and then comes the question, are our Representatives paid for Rubber Stamping and give authenticity to whatever the Lobbyists write? They certainly don’t read the proposed legislation, remember the comment Pelosi made, “you have to pass Obamacare to find out what’s in it!” We could probably do as well by feeding a bunch of monkeys bananas and teach them how to push the “yea” button.


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