The traitors ( left oriented and anti American politicians ) in the U.S. forced and pushed out many U.S. Mfg. Companies to out market themselves to our enemies abroad , especially blood thirsty Chinese who have become super rich by sucking our blood (i.e. wealth $) leave us with trashy qualities , unsafe, unhealthy materials and stealing away all American jobs/labor in dry docks . We need to remove traitors and anti American Left/Dems politicians in D.C. who are in bed with our enemies (for their own evil agendas $$$$$$) , and their evil globalization /countries with out border manifestation . We must support and flood the White House with letters/emails to our Patriotic President who now cares for America First and ask him to continue to clean up the swamp/sewage and bring back home and pull out all U.S. Mfg. companies from evil Commie. China before they take over us all ; this is why they used Covid 19 to destroy our economy that was shooting for stars because of our POTUS . We need him in the White House for another 4 years to save us in every way .God will bless America only with our patriotic POTUS .


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