Dump drudge . So long Drudge Report. so long Fox News. I am going with the changing times. Drudge is a sell out and Chris Wallace drank the coolaid

Chris Wallace has been a disgrace until this interview with lying Pelosi. She was impeaching Trump in Jan and Feb and yet he faced the virus with courage and did a stellar job by closing borders and travel from China and other countries. From where I sit, I believe certain Trump haters delivered a hoax epidemic to our country TO HURT Trump. I believe we were dealing with a flu type illness which killed the sick and elderly.

UNDERSTAND that The Kenyan Obama is behind the scenes orchestrating the “resist” movement. The sham impeachment? Lying democrats set Trump up and through it all he told us what was happening to him and our support for him continues to surge!

Trump built our strongest economy and the democrats Fauci and Birx said “shut it down!” The democrats are being led by the nose by an illegitimate president who was born in Kenya! Are we that stupid that we can’t see this!

Democrats are fools to continue supporting this crooked group of  
liars and cheaters. Change parties now and support Donald Trump. He may not be perfect but he has many outstanding qualities. Support Trump otherwise you are on a sinking ship of fools!

The democrats are going ape sh** because Trump is opening the country. Trump is brave and intelligent in stark contrast to the idiots Biden and Obama. TAKE our country back today. Change parties and support our best president to date!


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